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ok so im sure your wondering what the illustration above means; well that's what a professional website is.  so for example HTML is like the frame of a house giving it its structure. CSS is like the paint of a house giving it a graphic appeal. SQL is like the wiring of a house connecting all the information together. JAVASCRIPT is like the fixtures of a house basically giving it the finishing touch for a better interface. so now im going to explain in the programmer way what those languages are , and do. ok first off we have HTML which stands for HYPER.TEXT.MARKUP.LANGUAGE

Which gives a website its basic structure, for example the text or paragraphs in a website is basically what html is mainly used for in a website.

now we have CSS which stands for Cascading. Style.Sheet

which its main function is to make the website look visually appealing, or in other words "pretty" which is downright a programming language that's pretty much dedicated to styling a webpage.

Now we have SQL also known a sequel which is a programming language that majors in containing and running databases from servers and managing information from those databases which is the wiring of a website.

ok now we have JAVASCRIPT which is a language that is somewhat similar to CSS but is geared towards creating an appealing user interface which like in the illustration is the fixtures of  a website.


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OK so when you hear artificial intelligence you automatically think a super high-tech robot; well today i'm gonna show just how simple artificial intelligence actually is.

STEP 1: open notepad++ and copy the following code.
fname=inputbox ("komichiwa")
fname=inputbox ("i am ASUNA")
fname=inputbox ("whats your name")
fname=inputbox ("thats a good name")
fname=inputbox ("do you like anime or manga?")
fname=inputbox ("thats cool")
fname=inputbox ("pi=3.14")
fname=inputbox ("4*8=?")
fname=inputbox ("32")
fname=inputbox ("what is the capital of RUSSIA")
fname=inputbox ("MOSCOW")
fname=inputbox ("what is BERLIN")
fname=inputbox ("the capital of GERMANY")
fname=inputbox (" i^5=?")
fname=inputbox ("i")
fname=inputbox ("what is your favorite anime?")
fname=inputbox ("cool!!")
fname=inputbox ("what is your favorite manga")

How to make cool HTML animations

today we"ll be doing html animations. although animation is considered quite difficult its actually fairly simple. And as always just copy the code and if you have any issues or concerns just comment and we"ll get right back to you.image as backgroundAWESOME!!AWESOME!!AWESOME!!AWESOME!!ALWAYS LEARN AT WIRED2TECH!!ALWAYS LEARN AT WIRED2TECH!!ALWAYS LEARN AT WIRED2TECH!!ALWAYS LEARN AT WIRED2TECH!! check out wired2tech where youll always learn something new and usefull:) AWESOME!!AWESOME!!AWESOME!!

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>image as background</title>  <marquee behavior="alternate">AWESOME!!</marquee>  <marquee behavior="alternate">AWESOME!!</marquee>  <marquee behavior="alternate">AWESOME!!</marquee>  <marquee behavior="alternate">AWESOME!!</marquee>  <marquee behavior="alternate">ALWAYS LEARN AT WIRED2TECH!!</marquee>  <marquee beha…

Animated HTML Dialog





<button onclick="typeWriter()">ACTIVATE</button>

@import url('');
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css13.css">
<body style ="background-color: orange;">

<p id="OPEN"></p>

var a = 0;
var text = 'VISIT WIRED2TECH.ORG TO LEARN TO CODE.This project was made by: Mohammed Ibrahim Mirza Beig.This project used the font "Press Start 2P" which is licensed under the open font license and was obtained from google fonts.';
var frameSD = 60;
function typeWriter() {
  if (a < text.length) {
    document.getElementById("OPEN").innerHTML += text.charAt(a);
    setTimeout(typeWriter, frameSD);


h1{ color:gold; -webkit-text-fill-…