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HTML/CSS LOGIN With Monoton Font

TODAY WE HAVE FOR YOU A LOGIN  WITH A CUSTOM FONT(MONOTON) STEP 1: FIRST CREATE A PAGE CALLED LOGIN.HTML AND THEN PASTE THIS CODE. [<html>  <head> <style> @import url(''); </style> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css.css">  </head> <body style ="background-color: POWDERBLUE;">  <h1> LOGIN </h1>  <form action="" method="post"> USERNAME*:<input type="form" name="USERNAME*"><br/><br/>  PASSWORD*:<input type="form" name="PASSWORD*"><br/><br/> <input type="submit" name="submit"  value="ENTER">  </form> </body> </html>] P.S REMOVE [ ] WHEN YOU COPY THE HTML STEP 2: CREATE A PAGE CALLED CSS.CSS AND PASTE THE FOLLOWING CODE. h1{ color:hotpink; font-f

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AUGMENTED-REALITY So today i will be giving an explanation to augmented reality. So first i know most people mistake virtual reality with augmented reality and think its the same thing but its actually not. So first of all augmented reality is actually our reality manipulated by the 3D effects, such as graphics,sounds, ect; and its actually more like mediated reality which is somewhat a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality. but overall augmented reality is pretty much just graphics implemented in real world environments.                                    VIRTUAL-REALITY now virtual reality is actually just programmed visual effects mixed with a variety of graphics, sounds, ect and this type of reality is mostly used in video games or in A.I  programs. its more popularly known for its use in video games because it creates better more realistic effects, thus it has been used a lot in popular video games which made everyone familiar with virtual reali


                                     _ ok so im sure your wondering what the illustration above means; well that's what a professional website is.  so for example HTML is like the frame of a house giving it its structure. CSS is like the paint of a house giving it a graphic appeal. SQL is like the wiring of a house connecting all the information together. JAVASCRIPT is like the fixtures of a house basically giving it the finishing touch for a better interface. so now im going to explain in the programmer way what those languages are , and do. ok first off we have HTML which stands for H YPER. T EXT. M ARKUP. L ANGUAGE Which gives a website its basic structure, for example the text or paragraphs in a website is basically what html is mainly used for in a website. now we have CSS which stands for C ascading. S tyle. S heet which its main function is to make the website look visually appealing, or in other words "