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OK, so I know how it is when your starting computer science; or are just curious about the IT field.

Then you come across a moment  when it seems like a super complicated field that only super genius's can do ; but in fact you are quite mistaken my friends for the IT  field is quite simplistic, and today i'm gonna give you an introductory on how to make a webpage in HTML which unless you don't  know actually stands for HYPER.TEXT.MARKUP.LANGUAGE.

STEP 1. OK, I personally recommend that you download notepad++  from it's a free software and it'll make it easier to see the syntax.

STEP 2. so basically just copy the following coding script, then paste it on notepad.

<body bgcolor="#0000F301B" text="#10110109A">
<h1>EGIMA SE HTML Webpage</h1>
<h3>this is a simple webpage made with html</h3>
<h4>HTML stands for hypertext markup language</h4>
<h5>html webpages are mainly constituted with tags</h5>
<h6>this is very easy everyone can do it</h6>
<u>NEGIMA</u> </br></p>
<a href="" style="color:#100101000">GOOGLE CUSTOM SE</a>

STEP 3. now all you need to do is go to file then save it as a .html document, then run it and it should work

and now you have, so basically, all your doing to build a webpage like the one you just did is use a bunch of tags, then name em and you're done.


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